4 steps to avoid a ransomware attack

Educational institutions have an urgent reason to put data security and backup at the top of their agenda: the rising threat of ransomware. Security firm BlackFog reports that the education sector is now the top target for ransomware attacks, surpassing government and healthcare.


11 great reasons why you should become a developer:

Web development is a fast-paced and challenging career, centered on creative problem-solving and continuous innovation. As a web developer you’ll work with a multidisciplinary team of designers, other developers, and marketers to realize your projects


How ChatGPT Will Influence Modern B2B Marketing Strategies

February 1, 2023Written by Kelly LindenauPublished in Blog How ChatGPT Will Influence Modern B2B Marketing Strategies By the end of 2023, ChatGPT — pioneered by, the artificial intelligence research lab that trained the chatbot — is expected to bring in $200 million in revenue by capitalizing on the areas where traditional conversational AI fell short. In its previous iteration, 81% of practitioners would abandon chatbots due to complaints such as a lack of personalization, irrelevant responses and rigid options for questions.

Is Flutter the best framework for your project?

The evolution of Flutter in the last few years certainly brought many new arguments in favor of cross-platform development. More and more projects that were previously destined to be natively complied can now be developed according to the WORA (write once, run anywhere) philosophy, thanks to Flutter